About Chicken Pollo and Reviews

Welcome to Chicken Pollo Restaurant. It is the family owned and operated located in Annandale, VA since September 2001. They strive to serve the very best and authentic Peruvian dishes.

Their rotisserie chicken is marinated in a secret family recipe. It is slow roasted over hickory wood charcoal that gives off a delicious Peruvian aroma.

Their goal is to serve fast and delicious meals at a reasonable price to our busy guest and families. They will only prepare the best tasting authentic dish such as Roast Lomo Saltado, Anticucho, Pancita, Steak and Chicken sandwiches, along with delicious desserts and homemade drinks.



matthew f.

Arguably the best Peruvian chicken around. We drive out quite a bit to get it. Both the yellow and green sauces are great. Geen is spicy and yellow is creamy. The chicken is always perfect. Seasoned and tender. The sides are the best--fries are crispy and the plantains are perfect. Good food all around. Never been unhappy about this spot.


Lindsey B.

I have been coming to this place for a while, but haven't been in so long. I ordered the 1/4 chicken with plantains and yucca. The chicken was absolutely delicious. The skin and meat was so flavorful and tender. The yucca and plantains were also very good. The pricing was fair, but the service was a little confusing and we got little guidance. Not to mention, the inside of the restaurant was also extremely hot, so we decided to eat in my car. Overall this place is very good if you're looking to eat Peruvian chicken, and I will definitely be back for more soon.


Liz L.

The food is fantastic however the service is awful. Even call ahead is terrible. I've called ahead several times and the wait is just as long, if not longer than just going in to order.


Wendy R.

If I could give them no stars I would. There wait time is ridiculous, I went in for one chicken and 25 mins later I'm still waiting. Never ever going there again.


Fox E.

The name actually means "Chicken Chicken" if you're bilingual, which I think is brilliant. If you see this place on the side of the road, Pollover and stop. You need to try some.What to get: Chicken, Fried Yucca.Actually it's far from the best Rotisserie chicken in the most Peruvian-chicken-happy city in North America. The streets are basically lined with options, especially in Annandale and Falls Church and Arlington, the VA burbs close to DC. This is one of many options, but it's still enjoyable, especially the sides. Some of the servers are really friendly, and though it's probably more "Salvadoran Chicken" than Peruvian, it's still tasty, juicy, and worth a stop. It can be a little inconsistent (chicken wise) but the sides are always good, especially the Fried Yucca.I'd sadly choose the chain Sardi's as my fave. Still, Chicken Pollo is one of many good options, and I kick myself that I never tried it in 12 months living just a 2 minute walk from here.


Gladys R.

If I had the option I would give this place 0 stars. This is the second time my order has been incorrect. This evening I placed an order for take out which was a total of . For a place that is reasonable in price this was a large order and and I should have been treated as a valued customer as I am spending a good amount of money. I pick up my order and when I get home I realize I am missing an order that is . I call back to request a refund as it was their mistake to not complete the order correctly. I politely ask for a refund and instead of being treated with respect I'm told it is my fault and I should have checked my order before leaving. I request a manager and I am told the manager is not there. After being told rudely that the reason my order is missing is because I didn't double check my bag I ask for the persons name on the phone, she refuses to give me her name. It is their responsibility to fully attend to their customers and after today I am very disappointed in how this place runs their business. Please see the picture of the receipt. I was missing the 'pancita' order. The person who checked me out was Karina.. I am inclined to believe that's who I spoke to on the phone but they refused to give me their name + the person on the phone said Karina had left for the day. I called the restaurant around 6:20ish if they helps you determine who I spoke to. I will be calling tomorrow as today my only option was to call the manager Monica per the person on the phone.If you eat/order from here please be sure to check your order even though we shouldn't have to. On top of this their food is mediocre.


Long D.

Good food. No heat . I would come to the restaurant but never eat here again until better heat is provided. I saw two portable heaters. But did not feel any change in the temperature.My suggestion is to call ahead with your order and pick it up and then go home (no tipping required!). I also think the kitchen closes at 8 pm (they close at 9). So all they had was my favorite the chicken...BUT I couldn't try their other food. My friends had chickens with the bones still showing pink... Is that OK?


Daniel C.

Chicken Pollo will not let you down when you are in the mood for some delicious Peruvian chicken! The service is quick, the staff members are nice, and the food is very satisfying. You can get a whole chicken, 1/2 a chicken, or 1/4 of a chicken. No matter the size, you can be sure it is perfectly roasted and full of juicyness. There are a vareity of sides and the sauces add even more flavor to the chicken. I definitely reccomend the yuca as a side; they are served hot, crispy, and fluffy. The atmosphere is casual and can sit many people, so you can leave your dress pants at home and be sure there is a place for you to enjoy amazing roast chicken!


Abdel E.

The worst chicken cheese ever just left over from the grilled chicken don't get scammed because I asked the cashier he said no we used different chicken which is clearly is the same chicken has bone too lol


Lloyd J.

Great Peruvian Chicken, reasonably priced.  Tons come here for the fresh chicken! Places to sit and simple. Atmosphere!1/4 chicken and 2 sides = .99


Henry Y.

I ordered lunch for my workers and myself, but when I opened my bag they left put part of my order. I live 1 hour away, so it's not like I can just go back for a refund. So there service gets 0 stars.Food is meh. Once I get my refund, I will NEVER go back there.


Andrea M.

Everything was too over seasoned! I got 1/2 chicken, yuca, and beans. * Chicken was extremely salty and over seasoned. * Beans were too salty that I just ended up not even eating it. * Yuca was alright, but the yellow sauce was so watery. * Customer service was great! Very welcoming and accommodating. Unfortunately, I will not be going back.


Elaina B.

Come about 15-20 minutes before you're hungry because the line seems like half of annandale is there, but the food is definitely worth it.


Hannibal P.

Best Chicken in town (Period). Once you go Chicken Pollo, you never go back. DEA needs to investigate this place because I think they are putting crack into their chicken, or else it can't be this good!!! I can literally eat their chicken every single day. That yellow sauce and French fries... OMG.... This is better than any Korean chicken franchise in town (this is coming from a Korean guy). I'm a type of person who eats a lot but 1/2 chicken with rice and fries is enough to fill me up. Great price & great quality chicken. 10/10 will come back any time.


Kim M.

First of all let me say, that i use to love this place...but now they gotten so big...they don't give a shit what they serve customers anymore..I got a 1/2 chicken with fries & yuca with a drink. They change from steak fries to this crinkle cut fries. The fries and yuca was cold and nasty. The sauce..was watery and just nasty.And this was like 4:30pm in the evening. And it not the first time, the first time i complain and got am sorry. I will not go back.Food was nasty.


Se C.

The first time I had this was really good but subsequent times it got less good. The rice and beans are always on point though the chicken is pretty strong in spices and seasoning. The fried Yuka is good as well.


Heather B.

One of my favorite Peruvian chicken places. I haven't been here in years. I happened to be in the area and craving some so I stopped by here. As always there was a line but they do a very good job on keeping it moving along. I got my usual 1/4 chicken which comes with 2 side. Usually I just get to go. But on this occasion we dined in. They give you a number and bring your food out to you. There is a small seating area. It wasn't overly crowded. We were able to find a table right away and within minutes our food was out. The girl was very nice and got us waters. Food was just as good as I always remembered it to be. Meat tender and juicy packed with flavor. I love the rice here. If your in the area give them a try. Although they specialize in chicken they also have many other options. I need to frequent this place more.


Flo S.

Came here after working out at the gym and was sooooo hungry I ordered a 1/2 a chicken, which I should have just stuck to the 1/4 white. You get salad plus a side dish (french fries or yucca), but I ordered double salad.  I also ordered a side of  plantains and I have to say these were the best in the area.  I've tried many of the Peruvian places in the area: Super Pollo, El Pollo Rico, Edy's, Chicken Place, Crispy & Juicy etc. so I can say that this place ranks in the top 3 of Peruvian chicken places.    You first order at the counter and if you want to eat in, they told us to go ahead and take a seat and they would bring the chicken to us to the table.  The food didn't take that long and I personally scarfed my food down while dipping it in my favorite green spicy sauce because after working out, I was starving Marvin.  I actually shared my plantains with my friend, but could have very well gobbled them up all by myself.  The chicken was really moist and the skin was nice and crispy on the outside. The plantains were cut in good chunk sizes and were cooked to perfection. They were not greasy at all unlike some places in the area. They were perfectly delicious.  I would totally recommend these for anyone that likes plantains.  They also serve other dishes such as carne asada and lomo saltado, so I'll have to come back and give those a try.  Overall, a quality place to get some good Peruvian chicken.  I'll definitely come back for those plantains and try another dish based on my experience here.


Diana N.

Your experience may vary here.This place has been pumping out Peruvian chicken for years and I'd have to say I was quite a fan back then. The reason being only that I didn't know much other Peruvian chicken spots in the area. Now that I'm a seasoned Peruvian warrior I can see that Chicken Pollo is a real hit or miss. Sometimes the skin is crispy and the meat is juicy, but other times I've gotten soggy skin with dry meat. I've developed a specific liking to certain Peruvian chicken spots that has a distinct char flavor to the skin; Chicken Pollo's skin is just average for me.Still a great deal for the price since the portion is big, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.


Cameron T.

Been going here since For 10+ years... Best Peruvian chicken and yuca money can buy. Don't waste your money going anywhere else in the area.Any of the 2-1 star reviewers on this place can suck a butt. They probably like going to Pollo Camparo where its MEDIOCRE at best. Overlook the small parking lot, less than attractive decor, and get some damn good chicken.

About Chicken Pollo and Reviews